Scientific Sessions

A- Urban Heritage in King Abdulaziz Era:

1- King Abdulaziz vision of Urban and cultural heritage
2- Buildings and urban heritage in the reign of King Abdul Aziz
3- Optimal re-use of palaces and urban heritage buildings in the reign of King Abdul Aziz

B- Society and Urban Heritage Society:‌

1- Local community efforts for the development of urban and cultural heritage
2- Impact of various partnerships in the development of heritage role
3- Urban heritage role in highlighting local and cultural identity

C- Urban Heritage and Desert Environment

1- The impact of the desert environment in architecture
2- Building materials in the desert environment
3- Urban heritage management in desert environment

D-Transformation in Urban Heritage Management

1- Transformation in urban heritage management
2- Preservation and restoration policies
3- Urban heritage and overall development

E- Successful Practices in National Heritage Preservation (Scientific Session)

1- Local practices in urban restoration and preservation
2- Local practices in investment and operation
3- National cultural heritage integration (tangible and intangible)

F- Urban Heritage Integration in Gulf States

1- Protection systems and legislations
2- Construction models and methods
3- Operating and investment