Scientific Content

Scientific Committee
1- Prof. Mashari Al Naim
National Built Heritage center - KSA

2- Prof. Ali Al Muheimed Al Qassim University – KSA

3- Prof. Mohammad Abu Almajd King Saud University – KSA

4- Prof. James Steele University of Southern California – USA

5- Prof. Adel Al Dousari KFUPM – KSA

6- Prof. Khaled Heibeh Al Qassim University – KSA

7- Prof. R. Brooks Jeffery The University of Arizona – USA

8- Prof. Islam Al Ghonaimi University of Bahrain – Bahrain

9- Prof. Sabah Mushatat University of Wolverhampton – UK

10- Prof. Hussameddin Hassan Effat University – KSA

11- Dr. Mohammad Al Marwae Dear – College of Architecture
Al Qassim University – KSA

12- Dr. Saleh Al Hathloul King Saud University – KSA

13- Dr. Mohsen Al Qarni National Built Heritage center – KSA

14- Dr. Hani M. Al Huneidi National Built Heritage center – KSA

15- Dr. Waleed Al Sayyed American University of Madaba – Jordan

16- Dr. Yasser Al Shishtawi UAE University – UAE

17- Dr. Amer Moustafa American University of Sharjah –UAE

18- Dr. Mohammed Al Abi Dammam University – KSA

19- Dr. Moustafa Abdo Al Qassim University – KSA

20- Dr. Mohammad Jamal Queens University Belfast – UK

Scientific Sessions
A- Urban Heritage in King Abdulaziz Era:
1- King Abdulaziz vision of Urban and cultural heritage
2- Buildings and urban heritage in the reign of King Abdul Aziz
3- Optimal re-use of palaces and urban heritage buildings in the reign of King Abdul Aziz

B- Society and Urban Heritage Society:‌
1- Local community efforts for the development of urban and cultural heritage
2- Impact of various partnerships in the development of heritage role
3- Urban heritage role in highlighting local and cultural identity

C- Urban Heritage and Desert Environment
1- The impact of the desert environment in architecture
2- Building materials in the desert environment
3- Urban heritage management in desert environment

D-Transformation in Urban Heritage Management
1- Transformation in urban heritage management
2- Preservation and restoration policies
3- Urban heritage and overall development

E- Successful Practices in National Heritage Preservation (Scientific Session)
1- Local practices in urban restoration and preservation
2- Local practices in investment and operation
3- National cultural heritage integration (tangible and intangible)

F- Urban Heritage Integration in Gulf States
1- Protection systems and legislations
2- Construction models and methods
3- Operating and investment

A-Cultural Heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (closed session)
1. Antiquities and Museums
2. Urban Heritage
3. Antiquities and Islamic heritage
4. Crafts

B-Education and Urban Heritage
1. Basic education and urban heritage
2. Vocational education and training
3. Oriented education and specialized community cultures

C - Investment and Urban Heritage Sites Development:
1. Investment Stimulation Policies in urban heritage sites
2. Financing solutions and investment feasibility studies
3. SCTH role in encouraging investment

D- Ancient Mosques and Neighboring Areas Development
1. Highlighting the most important old mosques in Saudi cities and towns
2. Highlighting mosques’ relationship with their vicinity and their importance in the development of city centers

E - The role of Official Institutions in the Development of Urban Heritage
1. Public policies of ministries toward urban and cultural heritage
2. Efforts of ministries concerned with the protection and development of urban heritage
3. The role of schools and educational centers in heritage protection

(F) Media and the Development of Architectural Heritage
1. Current education policies
2. Media and its impact on communities