We need now more than ever to create a social setting that values built heritage in its cultural, historic and economic capacity, one that works to preserve its value which contributes to the future not because it is part of the past. This image of built heritage we wish to emphasize needs social media channels to enter into people’s minds and souls and implant the nation’s heritage and history. One of these main channels is The National Built Heritage Forum, the fifth cycle will held, this time in Al Qassim, which includes many of the distinctive architectural heritage sites.
This time around we are presenting heritage differently; in its tangible and intangible forms by tying multiple social segments with built heritage. I must emphasize that the forum is an opportunity to debate, conduct research, share success stories, and review failures and shortcomings in order to correct and avoid them in the future. The academic program of the forum attended by prominent scholars from all over the world, sharing their experiences and offering their knowledge on built heritage preservation as well as technical developments in the field. Also partaking in the forum are administrative, social and national personalities that have contributed to national built heritage preservation. People who have put in place frameworks and procedures for its development, improvement and conversion into an efficient economic component to make a change in overall local development.
I would like to remind everyone by quoting HRH Prince Sultan Bin Salman when he said “The issue is not just preserving heritage, but preserving the tale behind the unification of this nation narrated by historic sites”. The forum is therefore a social and media vessel narrating the tale of patriotic solidarity via a social and scholastic program emphasizing the economic aspect carried by these historic sites. The forum also serves as a reunion. We meet here annually to stress that what binds us is much greater than what divides us; our cultural diversity is part of a historic unity, common values, and geographic cohesion than cannot be parted or broken.

Prof. Mishary Bin Abdullah Alnu’aim
Supervisor General of the National Built Heritage Center