Model of Built Heritage sites in Kingdom
Central Region
Urban heritage style in the central region is characterized by using local building materials in which mud is most significant: architecture in this region can be described as mud architecture. The buildings are close to each other with courtyards, narrow corridors and limited exterior openings. The buildings are clustered together in line with the climatic conditions of the region. Heights of the buildings range from one to two floors but look alike from the outside.
Western Region
Urban heritage style in the western region is characterized by using stone in the construction and multiple floors. The urban textile is mainly characterized by the presence of architectural spaces such as alleyways and streets ending in plazas and squares. The buildings vary within the region where multiple floors are noted in both Makkah and Jeddah, while the buildings of Medina are characterized by having yards. Also Rawashin (bay windows) and Mashrabiya (oriel windows enclosed with carved wood) are the most important aesthetic elements that distinguish the architectural style of the region.
Eastern Region
Urban heritage style in the eastern region is characterized by using local material like clay, stone and gypsum in the construction, and palm trucks for ceilings. The urban textile is also characterized by bulks of architectural clusters; their close proximity to each other interspersed with roads and winding alleys that widen and narrow. The variation in activities has contributed to the presence of markets in the wider alleyways as well as in plazas neighboring and surrounding the mosques since mosques are considered to be assembly areas in the region or neighborhood
Southern Region
Urban heritage varies according to the terrain, climate and quality of construction materials, as the following:
  • Spread of the plant shelter "hut" in the Plaines of Tihama
  • Spread of stone buildings with multiple floors on mountain slopes, either scattered according to agricultural terraces, or clustered as in many urban villages.
  • In the east of the region, the use of mud and small stones between mud blocks in construction and multiple floors is very common
Northern Region
Urban architectural style in the northern region is similar to the central region of the kingdom, especially in the flat desert areas, which depends on mud. The architectural style in the coastal areas is characterized by use of stone and is similar to some extent with the style of the western region in KSA.